Jeremy Fragrance Height, Age, Net Worth

Quick Info Jeremy Fragrance :

NameDaniel Schütz
NickNameJeremy Fragrance,
Jeremy Williams
Date of BirthFebruary 5, 1989
Age (2024)35 Years
Height6ft 1in
ProfessionSocial media personality
Net Worth20-23 Million USD

Who is Jeremy Fragrance ?

Jeremy Fragrance, born Daniel Schütz, emerges as a captivating figure in the realm of social media, renowned for his distinct persona and expertise in the world of fragrances. Born on February 5, 1989, as Daniel Sredzinski to Polish immigrants in Oldenburg, Germany, Fragrance underwent a transformation, not just in name but also in identity, adopting the moniker that would come to define his career. His journey into the limelight commenced with a passion for dance cultivated during his schooling years, eventually leading him to delve into the realms of theater and performance. Transitioning through various artistic endeavors, including stints in music and modeling, Fragrance found his niche in the intricate world of perfumery.

Jeremy Fragrance
Jeremy Fragrance

Fragrance’s ascent to prominence commenced in 2014 when he embarked on a mission to enlighten and entertain audiences through his YouTube channel, where he skillfully dissected and presented fragrances with flair. Adorning his signature all-white suit, Fragrance captivated audiences with his engaging content, transcending linguistic barriers with bilingual proficiency in both German and English.

His meteoric rise to fame reached new heights with accolades such as the prestigious FiFi Award for the best perfume vlog, affirming his status as a trailblazer in the fragrance industry. Beyond his digital endeavors, Fragrance’s entrepreneurial spirit soared with the successful execution of a Kickstarter campaign, culminating in the creation of his own fragrance collection, a testament to his astute business acumen.

Facts about Jeremy Fragrance :

  • Jeremy Fragrance’s real name is Daniel Schütz, born Daniel Sredzinski on February 5, 1989.
  • He briefly lived in Bonn, Germany.
  • He changed his last name from Sredzinski to Schütz at some point.
  • Developed an interest in dance through school theater and later worked at the Oldenburg State Theater.
  • Used the stage name Jeremy Williams from 2008-2010 and belonged to an unsuccessful band called Part Six.
  • Began creating online video content focused on fragrances on YouTube in 2014.
  • Maintains both German and English YouTube channels, with the English channel being more successful.
  • Achieved over 2 million views with one of his early fragrance videos.
  • Shifted focus to TikTok in 2022, amassing 6 million followers.
Jeremy Fragrance
Jeremy Fragrance
  • Won a FiFi Award in 2018 for “Best Perfume Vlog” from The Fragrance Foundation.
  • Raised nearly €800,000 through Kickstarter to create his own fragrance line.
  • Launched his own perfume collection through an online shop in 2018.
  • Claims his main revenue comes from his own fragrances, not advertising deals (as of 2022).
  • Invited to a PR event by Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan in 2021.
  • Claims to have connections with the United Arab Emirates’ ruling family.
  • Has appeared on various TV and internet shows like Late Night Berlin and Promi Big Brother (briefly).
  • Starred in a documentary titled “Jeremy Fragrance – Number One: From Promi-Big-Brother Back into the World” in 2022.
  • Known for his eccentric and sometimes bizarre behavior in videos.
  • Advocates for self-improvement with a focus on optimism and high self-esteem.
  • Denies speculations about drug use, claiming his energetic style is deliberate to attract attention.

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