Georges LeBar Height, Age, Net Worth

Quick Info Georges LeBar :

NameGeorges LeBar
Date of Birth24 January 1973
Age(2024)51 Years
Height6ft 7in
SpouseRuPaul (January 24, 2017)
Net Worth15-20 Million Dollars

Who is Georges LeBar ?

Georges LeBar, a figure of intrigue and partner to the iconic RuPaul, stands as a testament to the power of love and the allure of a private life amid the spotlight. Born in 24 January 1973 in Australia, LeBar has cultivated a life that blends artistic expression, business acumen, and unwavering support for his spouse, RuPaul, the legendary drag queen and television personality.

Georges LeBar
Georges LeBar

Despite his husband’s high-profile career, LeBar has maintained a relatively private existence, steering clear of the glitz and glam of Hollywood. The couple’s love story began in the early ’90s when they met at the iconic Limelight nightclub in New York City. Since then, LeBar has played a pivotal role in RuPaul’s life, offering unwavering support and contributing to the success of RuPaul’s ventures.

Facts about Georges LeBar :

  • Georges LeBar was born on January 24, 1973, in Perth, Australia.
  • He relocated from Australia to the United States.
  • Georges LeBar and RuPaul met at a New York City club called Limelight in 1994.
  • The couple dated for approximately 23 years before getting married on their anniversary in 2017.
  • LeBar and RuPaul primarily live in two locations: a sprawling ranch in Wyoming and a colorful mansion in Beverly Hills.
  • Their California house has a playful design that inspires dancing, as mentioned by RuPaul in an Architectural Digest interview in May 2023.
  • LeBar is taller than RuPaul, measuring 6 feet 7 inches, while RuPaul is 6 feet 4 inches.
  • He has a background in fashion and design, having studied in Paris, New York, and Miami.
  • Georges LeBar’s primary passion is painting, and he has a tableau collection called “Sitting on a Secret” featuring RuPaul.
  • The couple got married on January 24, 2017, which coincided with LeBar’s birthday and their 23rd anniversary.
  • RuPaul shared that the decision to marry was influenced by the changing political landscape after the 2016 presidential election.
Georges LeBar
Georges LeBar
  • Despite RuPaul’s public-facing career, LeBar prefers a private life and doesn’t have public social media accounts.
  • LeBar spends most of his time on his Wyoming ranch, although RuPaul occasionally visits.
  • He rarely makes public appearances, with the exception of occasional red carpet events alongside RuPaul.
  • LeBar is not interested in show business, according to RuPaul.
  • The couple plans monthly getaways to places like Paris, New York, and Maui to spend quality time together.
  • RuPaul described LeBar as kind and funny in a 2015 Buzzfeed interview.
  • They met on the dance floor at Limelight, and one week later, they were on Elton John’s private jet flying from London to Düsseldorf.
  • RuPaul mentioned in a 2013 Oprah segment that LeBar is devoted to him, and he’s devoted to LeBar.

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